Brand Story

The Legacy of Superkloppbanana

The legacy of Superkloppbanana traces back to the iconic Superlambanana, a creation by Japanese artist Taro Chiezo in 2008 for the European Capital City of Culture. This quirky sculpture, which represented not only the serious contemporary issue of genetic engineering (merging a lamb and a banana - just two of the items traded through the city's docks historically), but also a sense of humour. It soon became as popular and beloved a symbol of Liverpool as the iconic Liver birds.

Inspired by the Superlambanana's popularity and the vibrant spirit of Liverpool, Superkloppbanana emerged as a tribute to the city's rich heritage and the enduring legacy of its people. The transition from Superlambanana to Superkloppbanana symbolizes not just a shift in form, but also embodies the infectious personality, humour, and success of Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool Football Club's revered manager.

Our journey began over 8 years ago when the Superlambanana was transformed into our beloved Superkloppbanana, with a vision to use its uniqueness to support charitable causes. As Klopp bids farewell in 2024, our Superkloppbanana embarks on a special "farewell" tour across Liverpool, offering unique photo opportunities and raising funds for the Jamie Carragher 23 Foundation and the LFC Foundation.

Celebrating Success and Giving Back

At Superkloppbanana, we celebrate not only the success of the Superlambanana and the city of Liverpool but also Klopp's remarkable journey with the club and his lasting legacy. Each piece of Superkloppbanana merchandise is crafted to commemorate Klopp's infectious smile, personality, humour, and achievements.

By purchasing Superkloppbanana merchandise, you not only acquire a unique keepsake but also contribute to meaningful causes. 10% of every purchase goes directly to the Jamie Carragher 23 Foundation and the LFC Foundation, supporting their initiatives and making a positive impact in our community.

Join Us in Preserving the Legacy

Experience the spirit of Liverpool and the legacy of Jürgen Klopp with Superkloppbanana. Browse our exclusive collection of merchandise, designed to capture the essence of Liverpool's vibrant culture and Klopp's remarkable journey. Join us in preserving the legacy and making a difference, one purchase at a time.